Who is Tony Spagoni?

Yesterday we finished discussing the Supreme Court during the 1801-1830 period.  Three big ideas from the Marshall Court. 1) Supremacy Clause, always federal supremacy over state decisions (big consequences down the line for the south). 2) Private property is sacred.  Governments cannot take it or rule over it. 3) Legal contracts are equally sacred. 

In other words, federal power will provide a strong legal system.

Then we looked at a Vanity Fair brain teaser from 1932 called Ordeal by Cheque.  The idea is to create a story based on the cheques. Students need to notice names, dates, and make inferences in order to piece together a story.  Much the same to how they must use documents on tomorrow’s document based question essay.

We will prepare for that essay today by going over the three Jeffersonian Presidents in a quick grid exercise called Jeffersonians and the Era of Good Feelings (student version).  If students missed something in class they can access Jeffersonians and the Era of Good Feelings (teacher version).

Tomorrow’s essay requires three main components. Details, documents, and answering  the question.  The APUSH Trinity!


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